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Dear Entrepreneurial-Minded
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You Have An Idea Inside You That Only You Are Meant To Give Birth To & Doing So Will Not Only Be Purpose-Filled...It Will Leave Your Pockets Filled Too!
Some say it's just a matter of time. I say it's just a matter of team. Yes...I've worked hard, invested in myself, and stayed consistent. But every success story involves other people. I wouldn't have got to where I am as fast as I did had it not been for coaches, mentors, accountability, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Too many gurus in my industry are selling snake oil and magic pills but nobody else is willing to give you the ongoing support and sisterhood that I am. That's why I created the Success Circle. And I invite you not to invest in another course, coach, conference, or certification until you try this first. 
Courtney Sanders
Founder of
Who Is The Success Circle For?
This group is exclusively for entrepreneurial-minded women who seriously want to create more than one income stream right now
We are a group of 150 powerhouses. A powerhouse is a woman who is aware of the depth of her creative force and has the ability to positively change her environment on demand. Our goal is to help all Success Circle members reach my Powerhouse Club which means you've  successfully earned more than 5-figures in a month 5 times in a year. 
This is JUST FOR YOU if you are:
  •  Someone who feels you have a calling to be and do more with your life
  •  An action-taker or willing to learn how to become one
  •  Someone who doesn't blame & takes personal responsibility for your life
This is NOT FOR YOU if you are:
  •  Super financially desperate and looking for a get-rich quick scheme
  •  Someone who doesn't have a strong desire to be or have more
  •  Not willing to do your part to create the life you desire
Member Success Story
Full-time Engineer Creates Her First $15,000 Month Selling Coaching 
& Online Courses In Just A Few Years Out Of College
Week 1:
Get Your Bankable Brand in Formation 
You will...
  • Get up close and personal with branding so you understand exactly how to get your bankable brand “in formation” so you “slay it” when it comes time to create your logo, color palette, messaging and everything else you need to dominate the market. 
  •  Identify the core problem you solve in the marketplace and what makes you irresistible so you can start to craft a targeted, “gotta-have-it” sales message.
  •  Dig inside my “swipe files” and get the scoop on which business-building strategies are working so you can hit the (virtual) ground running with a sizable head start over the competition.
Week 2:
Target the RIGHT People
You will...
  • Discover secrets on how to identify your ideal client and develop products and services the RIGHT people will race to buy. 
  •  Find out how to uncover your ideal client’s online hangout spots so you can always be exactly where they need you. 
  •  Get a profit-boosting solution on what to do when your heart says your products and services are for multiple target markets, but all the “gurus” say you must choose one. 
Week 3:
Tap into Your Inner Designer
You will...
  • Learn the hacks a professional graphics designer uses to create stunning logos and promotional visuals so you can DIY your way to a bankable brand without busting the budget. 
  •  Discover how to choose color palettes and fonts so you put your browsers in a “buying” mood as soon as they land on your website.
  •  Gain an in-depth understanding on how to use visual branding to make a fantastic first impression.  
Week 4:
Develop an Irresistible Product Offering
You will...
  • Gain the confidence to get in on the whole opt-in page/lead magnet craze and develop your first sales funnel strategy using my easy-breezy process so you master each and every element of a profitable funnel strategy.
  •  Get my never-before-talked-about profitable planning tips so you discover exactly how to entice buyers and get them tossing their wallets (and purses) at you whenever you promote a new product or service.
  •  Transform your brilliant ideas into an offering sure to attract and excite rather than repel and confuse your ideal client.
Week 5:
Create a Compelling Content Strategy
You will...
  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to create a custom content marketing calendar that ensures you stay in the minds of your ideal clients by always producing relevant and compelling blog and social media content.  
  •  Uncover the skinny on how to turn your genius and past experiences into an endless supply of educational and entertaining content your audience will devour. 
  •  Discover an easy-breezy way to save time and boost brand visibility by repurposing and maximizing every blog post, podcast interview, video, livestream broadcast and other pieces of content you create.
  •  Gain access to my exclusive, must-have list of content marketing dos and don’ts so you avoid promotional pitfalls and content catastrophes. 
Week 6:
Get Your Payment System Poppin’
You will...
  • Receive tech setup assistance on plug-and-play payment platforms that’ll keep your payments coming in on autopilot. 
  •  Uncover the inside scoop on setting up an email autoresponder series so you can welcome new subscribers and warm up your audience, all without the finger-busting work of typing and sending emails manually.
  •  Dig into my techie toolkit and eliminate all uncertainty when it comes to setting up marketing automation and payment systems.
Week 7:
Use Facebook to Launch a Global Brand
You will...
  • Tap into the power of Facebook and use the analytics on your Facebook Fan Page to craft enticing posts that engage the RIGHT people and glue their eyeballs to everything you share.  
  •  Create a global presence by boosting Facebook content and getting your message in front of people around the world who want and need your genius. 
  •  Gain an introduction into advertising on Facebook and get answers to all your burning questions – how much should you spend, how to setup and run campaigns and how to get the biggest return on your ad dollars.
Week 8:
Produce, Promote and Get PAID
You will...
  • Get exclusive access to a “done-for-you” promotional calendar that dynamically maps out the dates for your entire campaign from start to finish so you only have to plug in your campaign start date and watch the rest of the dates magically appear.  
  •  “Steal” from a vault of templates, checklists and cheat sheets so you can craft your launch emails, sales page and other launch content fast and without the frustration of figuring it all out on your own.
  •  Learn how to host webinars like a pro without spending hundreds of dollars on fancy platforms and systems. 
I'm Not Just Here For The Transfer Of Information...
I'm Here For Your Transformation! So...
...That's Why You Have To...
So You Have The Community & Accountability You Need To Succeed
The Think & Grow Chick
A 12-Month Mastermind Group For Entrepreneurial-Minded
Women Ready To Make Their Dreams Come True
Who Is In The Success Circle?
We Are A Group Of Entrepreneurial-Minded Women Helping Each Other Have More Impact & Income
Women's Sales Trainer
Growing Her Brand & Impact
Professional Health Coach
Building Online Programs
Non-Profit Leader
Generating Purposeful Profits
Creative Mompreneur
Leading in a Niche Industry
Millennial Motivator
Launching a Growing Movement
Children's Education Expert
Making a Social Impact
What Will The Success Circle Do For You & Your Business?
You Don't Have To Do It All By Yourself Anymore
1. Coach & Group Support
The last time many of us were coached was when we played organized sports. Coaches have a way of seeing and drawing out the greatness that is always inside of us. In addition to your team’s Head Coach, you will also be coached by your buddy & your team. Coaches lift you up and never let you down even when you feel down on yourself.
2. 150 Like-Minded Friends
There is a difference between your social friends & your successful friends. Social friends take you out to a party. Successful friends takes you out of your comfort zone. We need both, but we specialize in providing you with structure, accountability, and a team of successful friends who will inspire and challenge you to create the life you desire.
3. Collective Accountability
We are more comfortable disappointing ourselves than we are other people. Rather than viewing that as negative, why not simply get other people involved in our goals? We’ve been taught to rely on self-discipline and pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but there is an easier way. It’s called positive peer pressure and it works.
How Does This Mastermind Group Work?
We Meet Virtually Bi-Weekly For A Year With Online Coaching In Between
What You Get Throughout The Entire Year...
  • 12 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings
  • 12 Mid-Month Group Accountability Hot Seat Calls
  • 50 Weeks Of Direct Coaching From Me
  • 30 Minute 1-On-1 Visioning Call With Me
  • 150 New Friends Committed To Your Success
  • 24 Hour Access To Our Private Online Community
Our Proven 30 Day Success Cycle
Here’s How I’ll Hold You Accountable Between Meetings
Twice A Week, I Will Check In On You & Your Goals & You Will Get Notified By Phone Or Email
An online platform to track your goals
  • Set monthly goals, track your progress, and get coached online
  • Get text-based notifications when you get coached or your buddy progresses
  • Search your teammates by skills to get specific help on your personal goals
NOTE: Thanksgiving marks the end of our group for the year because we value family & slow down then.
More Success Circle members' words
What have Success Circle members been achieving in the world?
INCLUDED: Pack Your Bags For Our Live 2-Day Training & Retreat in New Orleans
You deserve a break and a breakthrough. That’s why in the Fall, we will be headed to New Orleans together to take over the city and our lives for Bankable Brand Live. You work hard and you deserve to take it easy. For this two-day event, you are going to learn how to balance work and play. You will connect with me and your fellow mastermind group members in person to exchange information, ideas, best practices, and strategies.

By the time we’re done, nobody will be the same. Registration is include with your membership. All you have to cover is your travel, room, food, and entertainment.

5-Star Accommodations & Treatment
Networking & Partnerships
Fun, Food, & Great Entertainment
Add An Additional $1,693 In Bonuses
...On Top Of Already Getting Bankable Brand Blueprint For Free
When You Join The Success Circle, You Also Get...
Value = $299
Value = $997
Value = $1,994
Our 100% "Make Money" Gurantee
We Guarantee That You Will At Least Get Your Money Back
If you do the work, I will work with you to surpass your investment even if it takes me beyond a year to do so.

In other words, when you invest $1,997, I will honor your membership until your mastermind group generates at least $1,997...even if that takes more than 12 months.
In other words, your membership will last until I help you match it in revenues. 
That's how committed I am to your success as a leader. And I believe that you should be abundantly compensated for being the leader that you are.
More Success Circle members' words
What have Success Circle members been achieving in the world?
Are You Ready To Step Into Your Purpose & Have More Impact & Income?
Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!
Send any question you have and we will respond ASAP so you can decide before the deadline.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is a yearlong contract?
No. But it is a yearlong commitment. I’m confident you’ll get a TON of value from the Think & Grow Chick Success Circle. That said, if at any time you decide that the Think & Grow Chick Success Circle is no longer for you, you may end your membership any time by canceling your subscription from inside your account or by emailing You can cancel any month and you won’t be billed again; however, cancelling does not entitle you to a refund of prior monthly payments, nor a partial/pro-rated refund of any charges already billed.
Q: When does this offer expire?
Once the timer at the top of the page expires, the price will return for $2,388 for the year. As the group becomes more valuable to its existing members, I assure you that the price will go up and new members will face steeper criteria beyond just money to join. You can lock in this rate now.
Q: Is this for beginners just starting out and don’t have clients yet?
This is probably the best investment a beginner can make. You may have the tendency to try to see how far you can get on your own first, but you can save yourself tons of time and money by skipping steps and jumping straight to what works. I’ll have you start with the Bankable Brand Blueprint to solidify your business idea and brand, and then we will transition to the Facebook to 5K Followers afterwards.
Q: Can I get my brand/business up in 30 days even though the course is 8 weeks?
The content will be rich and we don't want to overwhelm you. Instead of sending it to you like a firehose, we drip feed the content over 8 weeks to make sure you stay on track and get complete. There are some exceptions like Jereshia, where she already had a list, time, and technology skills. If that is the case for you, it is possible. We can discuss putting you on the fast track once you're in. I would rather you do it right rather than rushed.
Q: Aren’t masterminds usually 4-10 people?
The traditional mastermind is a small group, but Dunbar’s Number says that tight knit communities can hold up to 150. With my technology and buddy system, we’ve been able to break that number.
Q: What if I miss a meeting?
All calls will be recorded for you to review. Replays are sent out the morning after the team meetings. However, you will not get the full experience you consistently miss meetings. After 2 absences, I will follow up to discuss fit. In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.
Q: Can I join on a month-to-month basis?
You can pay monthly, but we want to create camaraderie in our group and that can’t happen when people are in and out, in and out. We highly encourage you to consider committing to the entire 12-month process to maximize your results and those of other members.
Q: What if I need your 1-on-1 attention?
There are 4 ways to still get the support you need directly from me:

1. The online app allows me to coach you via text in the context of your goal for the month. I commit to coaching online at least once per week—usually on Thursday afternoons. So if you want feedback, you can request it there.

2. The mid-month accountability calls have what we call “hot seats.” Hot seats are your opportunity to share your problem or challenge and get coached by me live in the safety of the group. Other group members may chime in with their insight around your area of struggle. This collective wisdom is one of the benefits mastermind groups have over 1-on-1 coaching because you can benefit from everyone’s wisdom.

3. You can reach out to a group member for direct support. Through the group, you will meet people who are at similar stages of development as you or beyond and because we are all committed to each other’s success, you can ask for support. If the specific support you are requesting is something that a member normally charges for, we encourage you to pay them. If there is reciprocity and you have something non-monetary to give to them in exchange for their time, listening, and expertise, then that is okay too.

4. You can still hire me for 1-on-1 coaching while in the mastermind group. Members get a discount off of my standard hourly rate.
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